Rollers Eva.


    Foam rollers (EVA) are self-massage tools that can be used to relax just about your entire body.


    • Descrição

      The term myofascial means “myo” – muscle and “fascial” – fascia – connective tissue.

      The use of the EVA roller is one of the most effective ways to achieve the benefits obtained with myosfacial release.

      Its three-dimensional grooves are perfect for applying the necessary compression to control movements and massages in the areas most in need. And so speed up the recovery process and improve physical performance.

      Benefits in:

      Greater mobility (quality and range of movements);
      Reduction of scar tissue and adhesions;
      Decreased tone of the hypertonic muscles (too hard);
      Improvement of coordination;
      Improved blood flow;
      Improved muscle contraction and injury prevention
      Decreased pain in tender points;
      Therapeutic effect;
      Improved posture;
      Strengthens stability, elasticity and mobility
      Prevention and reduction of fibrosis, densification or excessive tension

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      Peso 290 g
      Product Type

      Produtos Indoor

      Training Type

      Treino MyoFascial

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